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How car works with help of solar energy?

How car works with help of solar energy?

Every day new technologies are innovated and the solar car is one of them. The Solar Car will run with the help of solar energy. The solar car consists of photovoltaic cells which will convert the sunlight into electricity.

Working of solar cell

When the sunlight carrying photons strikes the photovoltaic cell the photos will make the electrons get released from the atoms. Then there created two types of charges in the cell, one is n-type and another is p-type where n-type have an electron which is negatively charged and p-type will contain holes which are positively charged. The electrons from n-type will move towards the holes of p-type. This flow of electrons generates electricity.

Ways to install a solar cell

There are six ways to install a solar cell.

Horizontal way

When the solar cell is installed in a horizontal way where most of the sunlight is taken and generate a How car works with help of solar energy?higher power to drive the car.

Vertical way

While installing the cell in a vertical way, not only solar energy but also wind energy can be used for generating the electricity.

Adjustable way

By this, the cells can be adjusted to have the greater benefits. The cells are adjusted to where the fall of sunlight is more.

Integrated way

By this way, the solar panels will get more energy and will not get shaded by it.


The Trailer is an extra vehicle where the car or another vehicle must drag it. The solar panels are attached to the trailer for its energy source.


By placing the solar cells at a location away from the car and drawing the energy through a grid from a battery will also give good efficiency to it.

The installation of the solar panels requires optimization of power output and other practical considerations. Installation of Solar panels on moving cars is different from installing at a stationary location

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