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The things need to do before installing Solar Panel and its Benefits
The Basics of Solar Panel Installation | Solar Panels Philippines ...

The things need to do before installing Solar Panel and its Benefits

When you decide to install solar panels for your home you need to check with some criteria.

Some of the things that are to be noted are,

  • Check with the location where you are going to install the solar panels in your house. Make sure that the solar panel should not be shadowed by trees or some other buildings. If you decide to place your panel on the rooftop then check with the roof whether it is strong or not.
  • You have to calculate the power consumption before deciding to buy the correct rated solar panel. If the consumption is high, then we should go for highly efficient solar panels.
  • If the climate is cloudy for most of the days, then we need high efficient solar panels.
  • Check with the lifetime of the solar panel before installing it which will be used for long period of time. Since it is costly, we cannot change often.What is Solar Energy and How Solar Energy is Converted into ...

Advantages of Solar panels in the home

  1. The solar panels can be installed anywhere even at the top of the roof or in an open field.
  2. The electricity bill will be reduced after the installation of solar power generation in the house.
  3. We will have 20 years guaranteed solar panels which will not need much maintenance.
    Things To Consider While Installing Solar Panels on Roof
  4. It is easy to operate when compared to other power plants.
  5. It will not produce any harm to the environment. It is pollution free and green energy.
  6. The solar energy is one of the renewable energies, so it will last forever and it will not go out of stock at any time.
  7. No other fuels are required for the production of electricity when solar panels are used.
  8. You can earn money by selling the excess power generated from solar power system.

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