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Choosing The Solar Panels For Your Home

Photovoltaic is one of the technologies which is used to produce electricity from the solar panels with the help of sunlight. Solar panels are being installed on rooftops of houses to get electricity from the clean resources. It is very important to choose the correct solar panel for our house. While choosing the panel, we need to look into the following factors.

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We need to check with the efficiency of the solar panels because there are different types of solar panel available. The weather condition of the area will be analysed before deciding the solar panels. When the weather condition is cloudy then we need to use the most efficient solar panel.


The cost of the solar panel will vary depending on the high or low efficiency of the panels. Naturally, the cost will be high for most efficient panels. Hence it is a disadvantage of solar panels. Most of the people cannot buy the solar panel due to its high cost.

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The Lifetime of solar panel

We need to check with the lifetime of the solar panel because the panels are left on the rooftops of houses in open space after installation.

There are some of the disadvantages in using the solar panels installed in our home;

  1. Since the electricity produced from solar panel depends on the weather, during cloudy days lesser electricity will be produced because less sunlight will be falling on the solar panels; hence efficiency will be low.
  2. When the house is surrounded by trees, then the shadow of that tree will affect the efficiency of the solar panel.
  3. The cost of solar panels are high, hence many people may not buy those panels.
  4. Another disadvantage is the maintenance of the inverter which converts the DC current from the battery into AC current.

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