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Disadvantages of Alternative Energy Sources

Disadvantages of Alternative Energy Sources

First we have to know, what is alternative energy source?

The alternative energy resource is nothing but the energy resource which will be alternative to fossil fuel.

The alternative resource may include Hydropower resource, Biomass Wood resource, Biomass Waste, Biomass Biofuels, Wind energy, geothermal energy and solar energy.

Advantages of Alternative Energy Sources

  • Most of the alternative sources of energy are said to be renewable energies; hence they will not be out of availability at any period.
  • The cost of energy resource will be low or nil.
  • The alternative energy will be environmental friendly so that it will not cause any harm to the environment.
  • With the help of alternative energy, we get a stable supply of energy for long run.
  • Solar energy is one of the alternative energy where they are available all around the world.
  • We get electricity from solar energy by installing solar panels in our house that will reduce the electricity bill.
  • Most of the technology with alternative source of energy will not need much maintenance, once the technology is installed, it will work little maintenance.

Disadvantages of Alternative Energy Sources

  • The alternative sources of energy can be obtained by new technologies which will be more costly for the implementation.
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  • Some of the alternative sources of energy may not be available in large quantity when we use it abundantly.
  • If we consider biomass, the collection of animal waste and decayed plants will constitute a transportation risk.
  • The construction of the power plant for alternative source of energy requires a large amount of landscape.
  • If the plant needs maintenance, the cost of it will be high.
  • Most of the alternative sources of energy depend on weather, the change of which will affect the resource.
  • It is difficult to produce a lot of energy in short period of time with the help of alternative source of energy.

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