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buy solar panels for your house
Solar Panels For Your Home: Things You Will Want to Know

Do you want to buy solar panels for your house?

You all know that the solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity by photovoltaic effect. You can install any type of solar panel in your house but the location is very important; you need to keep the solar panel at the place where the sunlight will be available throughout the year.

There are different types of solar panels available in the market:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

They are the purest form of solar panels where the efficiency will be high. They occupy less space but are costly when compared to other panels. They are different in their looks when compared with other panels.

Poly Crystalline Solar Panels

Poly crystalline solar panels are made by melting the raw silicon. Their looks will be Blue Square without the angular cut. Their efficiency is also good. They are low in cost when compared with mono crystalline solar panels. The performance of these panels may be affected by high temperature.

Thin-film Solar Cell

In this system, the thin-film of photovoltaic material is placed above the layer. They are flexible and are of low cost. They will not be affected by high temperature. Since it requires lots of space, they are not recommended for the house rooftop.

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Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell

It is made up of triple layered technology where they are one of the best thin-film solar panel. They are available with the thickness of 1 micrometre. When compared with crystalline solar panels, thin solar panels are less effective.

Biohybrid Solar Cell

It is the new technology which is not in practice. It was introduced by Vanderbilt University experts.

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Cadmium Telluride Solar Cell

These are the low price solar panel made of Cadmium Telluride which uses little amount of water.

Concentrated PV Cell

It is the most efficient solar cell where theare available to pinpoint the focal point.

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