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Solar Panels for Your Home: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and Savings

How to install a solar panel to your house?

Step1: Choose the place to install solar panel

Placing the solar panel is very important for getting an efficient power supply. You need to place the solar panel at the place where the sunlight will fall throughout the year. You have to check with the rooftop whether it is strong enough to build a solar panel on it.

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Step 2: Choose the best solar panel

Choosing the solar panel is very important because it has to be chosen according to the area and weather throughout the year. There are many types of solar panels, from which you have to choose the best. If the sunlight is available all the time throughout the year then you can choose any of the solar panels. If the climate is cloudy most of the days, then choose the most efficient solar panels.

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Step 3: Build the racking

The solar panel is placed on the rack which will support the solar panel. Racking is made up of metal frames. The frame should be bolted up strongly as it should not move in any situation. Adjust the racking to make it square for placing the panel. There is a tracking device attached to the racking which will turn the solar panel towards the sunlight.

What To Know Before You Install Solar Panels At Home

Step 4: Wiring

Wiring should be done perfectly by understanding the working of the system. The DC current from the solar panel is to be passed on to the battery for storage. An inverter is connected to the battery to convert the DC current into AC current. The conventional wiring is carried out from the inverter to the entire house.

Step 5: Installation of batteries

The correct rated batteries need to be installed with the inverter which will store the DC current and convert to AC current which will be supplied to the house. The battery can store the charges during bright sunshine and release the charge during cloudy days.

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