Replenished Energy Resource from the Sun

Renewable energy

The energy that can be generated from natural resources such as wind, sunlight, ocean tides, water, geothermal  heat, biomass etc. is said to be renewable energy. Also, the natural resources cannot be exhausted and are continuously replenished. Since renewable   energy doesn’t pollute the air, it is also called as clean energy or green power.

Solar energy

The energy produced by the sun due to the process of nuclear fusion is said to be solar energy. This solar energy gives more benefits to the humans directly and indirectly. For example, we can take plants which are consumed by humans, where the plants grow with the help of sunlight.

Solar energy can be used in many ways,

    • Sunlight can be converted into Thermal Energy which can be used as follows,
      • Water heater where the water is heated with the help of sunlight using solar thermal conduction
      • Solar cooker which helps us cooking food with the help of direct sunlight that reaches the cooker
      • Solar ventilator which is a new technology where the ventilator will keep the house thermal comfort and perfect air functions
      • Water treatment where the water gets treated by exposing the water in the sunlight for some hours
    • The solar energy can also help us in the production of electricity in two ways,
      • The electricity is produced directly with the help of photovoltaic system where the solar panels produce DC current which can be converted into AC current using an inverter
      • Another method is using concentrated solar power system where the sunlight is captured from large surface and converged it to a small surface to produce heat which is used to produce steam in a turbine to rotate and produce electricity
    • By using passing solar building where the whole building is made to store solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and will refuse the heat during summer

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