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Solar Renewable Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Renewable Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, using Photovoltaic cells which convert light into an electric current using the photovoltaic effect. Though there are many advantages of using solar energy, there are some disadvantages too.

We will look at Solar Renewable Energy Advantages and Disadvantages;


  1. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source and causes no pollution
  2. It can be produced free of charge, once the solar panels are installed
  3. Maintenance cost is very less as solar panels last over 30 years; Also very little maintenance is needed for solar cells as there are no moving parts in a solar cellSolar Renewable Energy Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. The solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere; either on rooftop or in open field
  5. It is safer than conventional electric current
  6. Solar power can be used to power homes and building, heat water, power cars etc
  7. No dependence on the grid because the power generated provides enough for the home/building
  8. The excess solar power can be sold back to the grid company
  9. It can create jobs for manufactures of solar panel and as well as the solar installers; helps the economy
  10. Extra solar power produced may be stored using batteries for use at night


  1. The primary cost buying materials and as well installation cost are high
  2. It requires more amount of space for installing the solar panels
  3. Since there is absence of solar power during night, it requires a big battery bank to store the energy which may need periodical maintenance
  4. An inverter is needed to convert the obtained DC power to AC power for powering the house/building
  5. Less solar energy only will be produced on cloudy days
  6. Solar powered cars will have lesser speed than the typical gas-powered cars
  7. Solar power production will be lower in the winter months 

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