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How much renewable energy does the world use

The Different Energy That Replace Fossil Fuel

The energy source which is alternative to non-renewable energy is called as an alternative energy source. Instead of energy obtained from fossil fuels, we try to get alternate energy from natural resources. We can see some of the alternative energy sources and their uses.

Hydroelectric Energy

The water flow will rotate the turbine which will generate electricity. This energy is called hydroelectric energy. The advantage is that, water used for this process can be reused since there is no chemical added in this process. But the cost of constructing the plant is very costly.

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Solar Energy

The solar energy is the energy from the sun which can be used for many purposes. The main advantage of solar energy is that the sunlight is available everywhere all over the world. The energy produced will be clean and will not harm the environment. But the construction cost of the solar power generation system will be high. Also the weather conditions may affect the energy generation.

Wind Energy

The power of wind will drive the turbine which is connected to the electric generator to generate electricity. The main advantage is that they produce pure form of energy and the resource will not cost. But the construction of windmill will take more space.

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Biomass Energy

Biomass is nothing but the wastage of plants, animals and humans. The biomass is burnt in a furnace to produce hot gas which generates steam. Then the steam is applied to rotate a turbine to produce electricity. The disadvantage will be the collection of the wastage.

Tidal Energy

The tidal means the waves in the ocean, which is made to rotate the turbine to produce electricity. The advantage will be, it is renewable energy and there will not be any wastage of water. But the construction inside the ocean is risky and costly.

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