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Wealth and Weakness of Inexhaustible Energy Resource

Wealth and Weakness of Inexhaustible Energy Resources

The resources that can be recovered back naturally to its form are known as renewable resources. For example, we can take the case of oxygen where the humans consume oxygen and give back carbon-di-oxide, then the plants and trees consume that carbon-di-oxide and give out oxygen. Onl y when the consumption of renewable resource is limited, the resource will be stable, as the process of recovering takes some time than the consumption of resources.


  1. The main benefit of a renewable resource is that it will not be out of stock at any point of time.
  2. Renewable resources are safer to use, as it does not emit any type of greenhouse gases.
    Biomass: A Renewable Energy Source or a Danger to the Environment …
  3. The cost of the resources will be low and some of them we get free of cost.
  4. When we consider biomass where we can burn the decayed plants and animal wastes to produce heat, electricity, etc., they will be at low cost and will not pollute the environment as much.
  5. When we take solar power plant, the energy resource will be free of cost and we can produce as much electricity as we want.
  6. Let us consider wind mills where the turbine rotates with the help of wind which is free of cost and produce electricity.
  7. The sunlight is one of the renewable resources which can be used to treat water, produce electricity, help in growing plants, help in cooking food, etc. which are all very useful for the humans.
    Benefits of Renewable Energy Use | Union of Concerned Scientists


  1. Since most of the renewable resources depend on weather conditions, there will be lack of power production when the weather condition is not good.
  2. The implementation and construction of power plants are very costly.
  3. It will take much cost to maintain the plants.
  4. The construction of power plants requires more area.

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