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The first concentrating solar power project

What is the concentrated solar power?

The Concentrated Solar Power system is used to generate electricity from the sunlight in an indirect method, where the large area of sunlight is concentrated to a smaller area through glasses or mirrors or lenses. The electric current is produced when the sunlight is changed into heat which makes the turbine to rotate; here the turbine is connected to the electric generator which produces electricity.

There are many technologies used to produce electricity with the help of Concentrated Solar Power system.

They are,

Parabolic trough

A Parabolic trough is one of the solar thermal collectors where the polished metal acts like mirror which are placed like a parabola. When the sunlight reaches the mirror, the sunlight will be focused to a focal line where the tube filled with fluid is placed.

Solar tower concentrating solar power plant [47]. | Download ...

Enclosed trough

An enclosed trough consists of glass enclosure as wall and a pipeline of fluids. The ceiling is made up of curved mirror which makes the sunlight to get reflected and reaches the wall mirrors that heat the fluid which is useful in the production of electricity.

Solar power tower

In solar power towers, a high tower is placed surrounded by solar power panels where the tower receives the sunlight and reflects back to the solar power panels and also the tower have the molten salt which stores the heat energy for producing electricity on cloudy days.

Concentrating solar power moves into a whole new age

Fresnel reflector

By Fresnel reflector, the sunlight is focused to a tube of flowing liquid which helps in the production of electricity. It consists of more number of thin glasses where they reflect the sunlight to a common focal point.

Dish Stirling

Dish Stirling is a single parabolic reflector where the sunlight reflects the reflector’s focal point where they have the fluid or molten salt to absorb the heat which can be used to produce electricity.

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